11021143_10152798025253282_4632595537673575026_nTHE YOUTH FARM

The Youth Farm is an educational production farm in central Brooklyn that offers New Yorkers opportunities to increase their knowledge of the food system and build high level organic growing skills to share with their communities. The Youth Farm grows organic food and flowers on one acre for the community and beyond, and offers advanced farm training and leadership opportunities for youth and adults.

The Youth Farm is a partnership between the High School for Public Service and Green Guerillas, with support from BK Farmyards.

To learn more about The Youth Farm, CLICK HERE.


4928946371_3e99141a9f_o FORT HEN

In 2010 we designed and built a coop for 50 chickens at the Imani Garden in partnership with New York Restoration Project. We host free monthly City Chicken workshops in partnership with Just Food, and a 15 week Chicken Apprenticeship, and take our chickens on the road to local schools and museums for hands on youth programming.

If you're interested in scheduling a visit to the coop, or having the chickens visit you, and to learn more, CLICK HERE 


bk-farmyards (1)BACKYARD FARMS

Since 2009, our pilot backyard farm, Foxtrot Farmyard, has been a CSA for 6 families. Homeowners benefit from an ever-changing lush backyard & a bounty of fresh produce. Budding farmers learn about starting and managing backyard farms in our Farmyard Apprenticeship and at our Farmyard Bootcamps.





Bees are essential for pollinating plants in our public parks and nature centers as well as increasing the production of fruits and vegetables in our urban farms. Do you dream of trying our hyper-local Brooklyn honey to spread on toast or give as a gift? We can help you learn about and keep bees on your roof or community space.


66834_568034533226919_954727422_nYOUR YARD (...soon)

Do you have a piece of land you have been dreaming about turning into a farm, raising hens, or doing edible landscaping in? We are here to help you realize your dream, from setting a vision, making a plan, installation and maintenance. Our collective members have many years of experience working with home owners, urban farmers, rural farmers and organizations in and outside of New York City. To see if we can help you and find out more, please email Bee (at) bkfarmyards (dot) com

Since 2009, we have been working to create new farmyards spread across several farm sites in Brooklyn. In addition to supporting and/or managing our existing farms we consult on new urban farm development. We specialize in building production farms with an educational and training component for those who want to learn more about how to grow their own food.